Dr. Georges scrubbing in before surgery.

Dr. Georges Bwelle, a general surgeon at the central hospital in Cameroon’s capital, assembles a team of medical volunteers, buys medications, equipment, and surgical supplies for weekend missions throughout the dry season. He plans out the entire year with specially selected destinations where he and his team set up a field clinic, operating room, and pharmacy for the villagers and neighboring people. At these clinics he provides free consultations, examinations, medications, and operations if necessary.

Dr. Georges Bwelle on NPR – Public Radio!!!
Dick Gordon of “The Story” fame has done a great piece on Dr. Georges Bwelle. Updates, links, mp3, etc – it’s all here.

Dr. Bwelle has been running these health and education campaigns for the past 10 years, and mostly out of his own modest wallet.  From 8 to 5 during the week, Dr. Bwelle works at the large Central Hospital of Yaounde as a surgeon and gastroenterologist.  Meanwhile, he’s thinking about the logistics and finances of his next weekend mission to help the rural people of Cameroon. His pay isn’t enough (~$500/month) to support his family and the health campaigns, so he performs private moonlight surgeries.  At 6am and 6pm about 3-4 days a week, Dr. Bwelle is doing private surgery to pay for the transport, supplies, and medications that he gives away.

My Trip With Dr. Georges
For one month I was lucky enough to join Dr. Georges on medical missions to the bush villages, and also shadowed him in the Yaounde hospital during weekdays. Here are a few blog posts from the trip. Enjoy!

While on the weekend missions, he seems to acquire an energy boost and typically works for 40 out of 48 hours spent in each rural village.  One particular Friday, Dr. Bwelle and I traveled two hours on jungle dirt roads to the Raquel Bruc de Yemessoa Hospital. A seven-year-old boy had a swollen stomach and an edema in his foot, so Dr. Bwelle was called in to diagnose and treat him. The boy was poor, sick, abandoned by his family, and the hospital wouldn’t provide treatment unless he paid. Not only did Dr. Bwelle diagnose the boy, but he paid for his medical expenses. He constantly modeled selfless care with his commitment to patients who cannot help themselves and his resolve to never turn a patient down.

Quote from HITIP.org

“Georges of the Jungle is the Robin Hood of Africa. Georges Bwelle is a surgeon at the Central Hospital in Yaoundé, the capital of Cameroon. He works at the hospital during the week and on the weekends he travels with his team into the jungle to treat the sick. His method is simple: Provide free medical care to marginalized, destitute populations in the rainforests of Africa.

Interviewing Dr. Georges

After studying medicine in Cameroon, Georges-Roger Motto Bwelle spent 15 months in Brussels, Belgium to further his knowledge of vascular surgery. When he returned home, he ran the medical center in Bengis, a small, impoverished community in southern Cameroon.

Then he got the idea to build a global network of medical professionals and student interns to provide free health services to poor regions throughout the African continent. In July 2008, Georges created the non-profit organization ASCOVIME which focuses on health and education issues.”


    • Belén

      I am very happy to read your words. I have been lucky enough to meet Georges and to work with him many times in the villages of Cameroon. I can say that I have never met someone like him before and his strength and passion are a rare miracle.
      I hope you enjoy your trip to Cameroon.

    • Anna Foncha

      I am so amazed and filled with excitement after reading and doing a speech and project on Honorable Dr. Bwelle! He is such an inspiration to me. Although I’m not in the medical field, I hope one day when I return to Cameroon I will be able to work with him and help in any form or way I can. Prayers to you Dr. Bwelle you are touching hearts everywhere!!!


      Thank GOD for the great man you are. Worked with him for 2 days at the FUNDONG district hospital and he revolutionised my approach to medicine and healthcare. Thanks doc…

    • Mohamed Koroma

      I am overwhelmingly impressed by the work Dr. George does in Cameroun particularly his free medical care for his people. I am not a doctor but with his work I would have loved to have studied medicine so that I introduce such a philanthropic work in Sierra Leone. Please Dr. George when you read this message kindly communicate with me on the email I have provided above.
      Presently, I have also joined a few Sierra Leonean women to form an NGO named “CHILDREN IN NEED”. We have formed this Ngo so that we address the affairs of less privilege children all over the country. We are curently seeking sponsorship for donor organisations and would loke you introduce us to some pf thedonors you may have in mind. I will be happy to forward you all of our documentations as soon as I hear from you. My regards to you and please keep on the good work. Mohamed

    • Devakumar

      hi sir,
      i saw u on cnn news and googled u after reading ur work i want to become a great doctor like u .sir u inspired me. thank you sir .u are really great.

    • Caesarine Ballayan

      I have worked as a ICU nurse in Pennsylvania and is about to start in a nurse practioner’s program. However, I would appreciate the honor to participate on Dr. Bwelle team during my study and during my break. My contact is provided above.
      C. Ballayan RN, BSN

    • Ibrahima

      I had a Nice experience too with the great Dr Bwelle who completely changed my vision of medecine…. At the Mbondjock Campaign

    • Anjangha Benise

      I have worked with Dr George a couple of times n i absolutely love his will power and personality, i will do it as often as i can

    • Dr Che Vanessa Lum

      Thank you Dr Bwelle for the good work you are doing. I was so moved when I heard and read about you. People like you are rare I am sure God is blessing you abundantly. You are a model I will love to follow. I look forward to work with you one day. God bless you

    • Njoh Emmanuel

      I volunteered with him in Mbot village, in Donga Mantung, Northwest. Cameroon. He is indeed an exceptional man. I witnessed a lot of relief brought to the local population. What is outstanding is that he reaches out to all, without any descrimination. Very simple and down to earth, a man!



    • Sebastian

      Dr Georges bwelle is realy a hero. I really want to help but how?

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