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ASCOVIME (Association des compétences pour une vie meilleure) is Cameroonian, non-profit organization based in Yaoundé, Cameroon with a mission to fight illiteracy and diseases in the rural parts of Cameroon by providing free medical care and school supplies.

Field surgery, Dr Bwelle Georges

Founder:  Dr. Georges Bwelle is a Cameroonian visceral surgeon working at Yaoundé’s Central Hospital.

Three main reasons motivated me to carry out these humanitarian activities:

1) The 23 years of my father’s illness, pain and suffering, as well as that of others that I witnessed as I accompanied him to the hospital. He succeeded, despite his limited finances, to make me the surgeon that I am today, and he asked me to help reduce as much as possible the pain and sufferings of the poor;

2) When I look back at my academic and professional background, I believe to have received many favours from God. It is my way of showing gratitude to God and contributing to the welfare of the society especially the poor; and,

3) It is also my passion and what I love to do. Helping people gives me pleasure and serves as my motivation.

Dr. Georges Bwelle

Mobile Health Campaigns

Ascovime education campaigns - Happy KidsNearly every Friday over the past 12 years,  Dr. Bwelle and his group of surgeons, nurses and other medical volunteers pack a van with surgical equipment, life-saving pharmaceuticals and a high powered generator, and drive out into the remote regions of Cameroon, to volunteer medical services at no charge to needy communities.  On a typical weekend, the team arrives after four to eight hours of traveling down dirt roads through the jungle and is greeted by hundreds of villagers – our patients who have already been waiting for us all day.  Throughout the weekend, many more patients arrive by foot from villages as far as 30 km away.  ASCOVME establishes a space to set up a pharmacy, and a place to do consultations, usually at the house of the chief (or host), or at the local school.  Over the next 24 hours, two to three doctors, assisted by medical students and volunteers, will consult over four hundred patients and identify surgical cases.

In return, Dr. Bwelle only asks that the community provide a place for his team of volunteers to sleep and a location to perform surgery and provide free consultations.  Most patients in these villages have never seen a doctor.

The mobile clinic includes specialists in all domains and includes pediatricians, gynecologists, ophthalmologists, dentists, ENT, surgeons, anesthetists, generalists, electricians, carpenters, students and other volunteers.

Make People Smile, To Reduce the Pain, That's Why I am Doing This! Dr. Georges Bwelle


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