The first health campaign led by Dr. Bwelle and included medical students called CEMOL.  This first campaign was financed by the elites of Cameroon’s Littoral Region.


While chief medical officer of hospital, Dr. Bwelle got in contact with Zerca Y Lejos  in Bengbis in the South of Cameroon. Made a tour of the division giving free health services through a partnership that involved Zerca Y Lejos donating the drugs, and Dr. Bwelle volunteering his time to provide medical expertise.


Dr. Bwelle launched campaigns at Meyomadjom in the South of Cameroon assisted by Bainamné Noel (a very devoted Chadian nurse), the late Ousman Sali dit Sergéo, and Zeng Anicet the inseparable « Zengué ».


Dr. Bwelle during an internship met with Bart Muhs, an American vascular surgeon on tour in the University Teaching hospital. Dr. Muhsy impressed by a campaign talked about it to M. William Swaney the head of US consulate to Cameroon at that time. Mr Swaney, his family and his friend went on trips.  His friend’s 9 year old son on visit from the US was deeply touched by Dr. Bwelle’s unorthodox way of sterilising surgical equipment and thus offered the first steriliser with money he received from a fund-raising event with his classmates back in the USA. Mr Swaney brought over his parents to live an experience of the campaigns.


Met with Jeremy Rouet, a young medical student from the University of Paris VI on internship at the Yaounde Central Hospital. He was very impressed by our health campaigns and today, has created the association ASCOVIME Paris that sends us about 20 volunteers each year.


Met with Sarah Groening whose postings and mails have greatly influenced the German students of her faculty who now volunteer with us during our health campaigns.

This same year also marked the beginning of my contacts with dynamic Belgian youths who continue to assist me, and moreover, they initiated my first contacts with LYS SANZ, a French lady who up to date has encouraged several donations from her association (les gaziers et électriciens de France).

The group officially takes on the name ASCOVIME.

November 2008: First ASCOVIME campaign in Meyomadjom with two Belgian volunteers Clément Dabiri  and Ziad abbassi.

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