Meet our Team

The  team behind the initiative. Please take a look at the profile of some of the great people supporting Georges on the ground.

Dr. Georges Bwelle

Founder and President

Dr Bwelle is a Surgeon at the central hospital in Yaounde, Cameroon. He assembles a team of medical volunteers for weekend free medical missions throughout the country.

Jeremy Rouet

Founder and President Ascovime Paris

Jeremy founded Ascovime Paris. He is a medical intern in surgery, but is currently spending some months in Cameroon – his second home.

Mesmin  Nanfang

Information Manager

Mesmin is Dr. Bwelle’s right- hand man when it comes to organizing pre-mission logistics and volunteer communications.

Mike Ursiny

Founder of AscovimeUSA

Mike is the founder of AscovimeUSA and currently a medical student in Vermont.

Zeng Anicet


 Zeng is Dr. Georges Bwelle’s left-hand man when it comes to assisting in the operating room, pre-operative setup, and general logistics during each mission.